Label and Packaging

We use only qualified and trusted vendors for your packaging needs

With an extensive library of formulates labels and substantial in-house expertise, All Pharma, LLC. produces industry-compliant labels, content descriptions, and product marketing.

All Pharma, LLC. makes sure that every label provides clear, concise directions for use, warnings, potential allergens and FDA compliant Supplement or Nutrition Facts information. We can also help you determine the best callouts to use on your labels based on the health benefits of your formulation.

Our Label Control Specialists, along with our Quality, R&D and Regulatory teams are trained and experienced in cGMP and FDA labeling regulations, as well as Health Canada standards.

Once we have helped you confirm that all compliance standards are met, our graphic design team can even help you design the label that will get your product noticed! You provide the logo or image and our creative department begin the process of creating eye-catching packaging that is sure to make a good impression with consumers.

We use only qualified vendors for your packaging needs, who in addition to labels, provide folding cartons, inserts, shrink sleeves, display or point of sale trays and neck bands.

We can work with you to carefully select the perfect packaging components for your product. Components that are both compatible with the finished product, but also gives you the look you want. All Pharma, LLC.  provides many flexible solutions so you can also package your product at the budget you need.

Our wide array of filling and packaging equipment will allow us to furnish you with everything from a sample packet or a sample vial, to the most exquisite of custom-made glass containers. We can source your components, supply your components, and fill and decorate them for you with ease… and again, to your exact specifications.

Our filling abilities include everything from that sample vial up to a tote tank, and virtually everything in between. Bottles, jars, tubes (soft-sided, hard-body and medal) are all done in house and all done in high-speed, high-precision equipment. From high speed automated filling, to hand assembly of gift baskets. All Pharma, LLC. will find a way to make your finished product match your concept and vision.

Our facility has 4 dedicated assembly lines designed to run products in all stages of their life cycles. High-speed lines allow for significant efficiencies and lower cost per unit while our more basic lines require little if any upfront tooling charges that limits financial risk until the success of a product launch can be determined.