Research & Development

Our Research and Development department proudly breaks new ground in innovation

All Pharma, LLC. corporate initiative of “Quality First” fuels the mindset of all employees throughout our company. The Research and Development department takes Ion Labs’ emphasis on quality even further, spearheading a “Quality by Design” approach.  The Research and Development department is not only charged with the development and innovation of all new products, but also oversees and maintains a vast catalogue of historical formulations.  The Research and Development department is fully dynamic and interconnected with many integral departments to ensure that Ion Labs’ culture of quality is always in the forefront. From Research and Development offering operational oversight of process engineering, to vetting the finest raw materials available in the market, to formulating these raw materials into efficacious finished product forms, the focus on quality is always maintained. Our Research and Development department proudly breaks new ground in innovation and efficiencies as we develop the finest processes to manufacture today’s cutting edge nutraceutical and OTC products. Our Premier Supplementline employs Active Dietary Ingredients (ADI) that are backed by over one hundred independent studies.

The Research and Development department’s capabilities are second to none in the industry today. The performance of our formulations alone can speak to this fact. Not only can our Research and Development department take a customer concept and develop it into a finished market product, but we can also take a current customer formulation and find ways to improve upon it. Our commitment to quality at every stage allows us to totally integrate concept, development, and manufacturing into a seamless operation.